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Chais Saint Laurent Référence Chais Saint Laurent


Les Chais Saint Laurent is a human-sized company with a team of 13 people, divided between the shopping, administration of purchases and sales and logistics. It is managed today by Gisèle and Stéphane Duverne, the company's owners. The mindset of wineries and merchants we work with we should look: Seduce with impeccable product and be responsive to the market. A will then be the hyphen as short as possible between the philosophy of the producer and the professional. We hope that our twin objectives of Time for Living and Respect nature will be a small stone to the edifice of future generations.

Chais Saint Laurent Référence Chais Saint Laurent


1950: Creation in Stains (93) "The Narbonne" by Mr Laurent Novoa. ? 1965: Name change and creation of "Les Chais Saint Laurent"? Original Activity: Trading Company, bottler and distributor with wine shops and restaurants of the Ile de France.? May 2005: Acquisition of the company by Stéphane Duverne. September 2005: Acquisition of the fund company's trade Transandine, 77. November 2005: Acquisition of commerrce fund the company Olsam, 78.? July 2008: Takeover of Gypières Distribution, 92. February 2012: The company moves Stains Pierrefitte sur Seine. A tool adapted to the new size of the company and to meet the needs of customers. June 2015: The 50 years of Chais Saint Laurent ...

Chais Saint Laurent Référence Chais Saint Laurent

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Today, we distribute only to professionals in the catering and wine shops a range of wine, Champagne and Spirits from France and elsewhere. Not knowing the wine borders, we take great pleasure in continuing to discover wineries and merchants across France and the world. We hope you take as much pleasure in that we enjoy them today and tomorrow.

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